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This was the best place to learn how to make amazing balloon. But we are moving to Balloon Animals Blog

If you are looking for balloons to twist or a pump to inflate balloons, please check out my Balloon Animal Store

Event Calendar
Come see me perform at the following events.
Date Time Location
Feb 12th 2005 5:45pm - 9:00pm TGIF Simi Valley, CA

Want Me to perform at your event or restaurant?

Contact me at Or (818) 468-5548

What kind of events can you hire a Balloon Artist for?

  • Parties - Balloons bring that extra bit of fun to any party no matter what we're celebrating.
  • Restaurants - Having a Balloon Twister come to your Restaurant is a great way to attact families.
  • Fundraisers - What ever your cause a balloon atist will attract attention and help you raise enough to meet your goal.
  • Shows - have show and need some one to help out with the down time? I'm the balloon guy for you.

Just about any event can have a balloon artist. From little league games and school carnivals to weddings and family picnics, I have done it all.

Balloon Monkey