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This was the best place to learn how to make amazing balloon. But we are moving to Balloon Animals Blog

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Layered Eyes

This is great way to really bring a balloon to life. I have received amazing compliments when I use layered eyes in my sculptures. People love to see new and unusual sculptures.

They can add a lot to a simple one balloon animal. For example, my favorite is a simple monkey. Its nice, but when I add eyes.... it becomes so much more than what it was.


To make layered eyes, you will need three balloons.

A black, a white, and one more of what ever color you want.

 I like to make light blue eyes, but the light green is nice too. and nothing makes a monster scarier than red eyes.

Step 1

First make a black balloon ball. This will be the center of the eye. All the other balloons will be layered around it. Inflate a black  260Q so that you have a little less then a foot of inflated balloon and plenty of tail (un inflated balloon).

Step 2

Twist a small section, of about an inch in diameter. This with roughly be the size of the eye. This will be the ball.

Step 3

Push the inch sized ball section into the body of the rest of the balloon. I used a clear balloon here because it would be difficult to show this step with a black balloon.

Step 4

Now twist the section of the body that is immediately around the ball so that it layers it.

Break the balloon in two at the twist. You can tie the remainder, and use it to create the second eye.

We now have our ball, the center of the eye. In black it looks like this.

Step 6

Inflate the blue (or what ever color eye you would like) and repeat the Steps 3 -5 using the black ball as if it were the inch section.

When you reach Step 5 and break and the balloon in two, make sure a little of the ball is showing through. This gives it a layered effect.

Step 7

Inflate a white and repeat Steps 3-5 again, using the blue and black ball as if it were the inch section.

When you get to Step 5 to break the balloon in two, make sure that the black part of the blue is showing through. You will also want to leave some length on the end so that you have something to twist into the animal. It should resemble a tadpole slightly

You should now have a realistic looking layered eye to decorate you balloon animal sculpture with. Enjoy.

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