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This was the best place to learn how to make amazing balloon. But we are moving to Balloon Animals Blog

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Learn the Different Ways to Twist a Balloon
Every balloon sculpture is made up of the same twists. If you look at any balloon animal you will see that you can break it down into these different twists.

The different twists are:

  • Link / Sausage  - as you can see it looks pretty much like to sounds. It is used for many different things, like the head of a dog, and most section of an animals body are made up of it.

  • Lock / Fold - It is made of two consecutive link twists. It is used for things like the legs of animals like dogs and horses.

  • Pedal - it is basically a long link twist that has been fold twisted back into itself. It is mainly used for the flower pedals and leaves. But you can also see it in the handle on many balloon swords.

  • Ear (Teddy Bear) - named because it used to make a teddy bear's ear. It is a small pedal twist. Where the length of the pedal twist above is about 5 inches, the length of the ear twist is less than an inch. It is used mainly to make the ears of various animals, but it can also be used to make the joints of arms and legs. It is also used to reinforce areas, to make certain areas of the balloon stand up straight or lean a certain way.   


  • Poodle Tail - Recognizable as the tail of the classic balloon poodle. It is the end section of a balloon where there is an area of un-inflated balloon between two areas of inflated balloons.

  • Bend - Simple enough. It is when you bend the balloon and have it take the shape you give it. To do this you bend the balloon, squeeze the air out of the area you want to bend, then release the squeeze and let the air quickly re-inflate the area. The balloon will keep the new form you gave it. 

  • Apple - It looks like an apple, that is why they call it an apple twist. it is seamless. the knot that ties the balloon is inserted into the balloon, gripped from the outside, and twisted off, and reinserted into the middle of the "apple".