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This was the best place to learn how to make amazing balloon. But we are moving to Balloon Animals Blog

If you are looking for balloons to twist or a pump to inflate balloons, please check out my Balloon Animal Store

Learn How to Twist Balloon Art Sculpture
So you want to learn how to twist a balloon.

First you will need to know how to:

Second, you should learn all the different things you can do with a balloon. The different twists are:

  • Sausage
  • Lock
  • Fold
  • Pedal
  • Ear (Teddy Bear)
  • Pop
  • Poodle Tail
  • Bend
  • Apple
  • Marriage (Frumple)
  • Tear

Now you can learn to make :

  • Balloon Animals - from a simple dog to more the complex
  • Hats - silly, crazy, masks, and costumes
  • Balloon Vehicles -cars, boats, air planes, motorcycle, helicopters
  •  Cartoon Parodies - popular characters from pop culture

Once you feel confident and you feel that you have a good control over the balloons, try accepting challenges.