Balloon Basics
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This was the best place to learn how to make amazing balloon. But we are moving to Balloon Animals Blog

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Basic Balloon Information
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There are many different type of balloons.

Round - usually used with helium and arches

Heart - like a round balloon but in the shape of a heart

Geo - looks like a flower but has a hole in its middle

Donut -looks like a donut and even has a hole through its middle

Pencil - thin and long, usually used for twisting

Bee Body - used to make bees, apples and bowling pins.

We usually only use pencil balloons to make animals, hats, and other sculptures. There are many different sizes also.

The sizes for pencils are:
160Q - 1" x 60", very thin, used for small, yet very intricate designs.

260Q - 2" x 60" most used in twisting, best selection of colors, for animals, hats

350Q - 3" x 50" very thick, used for larger designs

646Q -6" x 46" used for airship bodies

There is a wide variety of colors. Not all types and sizes are available in every color.

  • Onyx Black
  • White, Perl
  • Blue, Light, Sapphire, Dark,
  • Yellow, Canary, Golden Rod, Gold
  • Green, Emerald, Winter, Neon
  • Purple, Lilac
  • Pink, Rose
  • Red, Rudy
  • Brown, Cocoa
  • Diamond Clear
  • Orange, Tangerine
  • Gray, Sliver
  • Neon Colors- Really good with Black Lights