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This was the best place to learn how to make amazing balloon. But we are moving to Balloon Animals Blog

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Balloon Animals

Balloon animals are, simply put, balloons that resemble animals. They are usually made of one balloon.

Most every one who twists balloons starts out making the simple one balloon dog. This is because the dog is the basic animal shape. Think of it like balloon evolution. First there was the dog. But wait, when you shorten the ears and increase the neck, hey look it is a giraffe. Most all one balloon animals stem from differing the proportions of the dog. Give it a try. Use your imagination and see what animals you can come up with.

After you get a few one balloon animals down and your confidence up try adding another balloon to the mix. Use the second balloon for detail. The first balloon was the cake, the second balloon going to be our frosting. Try and make a one balloon horse. ( a dog with a short ears and a neck as long as his body.) Use the second balloon to give him hair on his neck, or maybe a tail. Be creative.

Below are examples of some of my balloon animals. Click on the thumbnail to see the picture.